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To reach the Monferrato territory is simple and easy. About one hour’s drive from either Turin, Milan or Genoa, it is concentrated particularly in the province of Alessandria, with a few branches reaching out towards Asti and Vercelli; the A4 motorway passes through the area (for those who arrive from Milan or Turin) and the A26 (for anyone arriving from Genoa). Casale is particularly easy to reach from the motorway, with two exits on the “Trafori” (Tunnels) motorway.


Valenza is also easily reached by motorway: arriving from Milan the exit is Castelnuovo Scrivia, from Genoa and Turin the exit is Alessandria Ovest (West Alessandria), and from Aosta one takes the exit for Casale.


Apart from the railway service, the Monferrato territory also has a good coach service (for information contact: STAT Turismo -Tel. 0142.781660; Arfea –Tel. 0131.225810).


Casale also has the Cappa airport, which is being re-launched (in August 2008 the revival of the historic flight to Vienna undertaken by Palli, from Casale, and D’Annunzio attracted much attention), and it is included in the Regional Transport Plan as a third level airport.



Casale Monferrato June 2013


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What is MON.D.O. 


Mon.D.O (Monferrato Domanda Offerta – Monferrato Supply and Demand) is a consortium limited company with mixed public – private capital, made up of Communes of the Casale Monferrato region and the surrounding area of the Plain of the river Po, public institutions and a pool of private bodies. The consortium is not for profit and its purpose is to promote the image of the region and encourage tourism in the area.