IL MONFERRATO DI MONDO: UN MONDO DI ECCELLENZE Monferrato casalese area and the Po Plain area
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A weekend (1st and 2nd September) full of events in Monferrato

September arrives and in Monferrato events multiply! There will be a wide choice during the next weekend.

Until 4th September the Sagra dello Gnocco (Gnoco Festival) in Quarti (Pontestura) continues.

On Sunday 2nd September, "Quattro Passi tra i nostri vini" (Four steps among our wines) returns in San Giorgio Monferrato: it’a an enogastronomic exhibition (the 24th edition enriched by many events such as the morning walk and the fireworks in the evening. In addition, the Castle of San Giorgio will also propose the Aperitif in the Terrace in the late afternoon of Friday 31st August and Saturday 1st September.

Until 2nd September Frassineto Po celebrates the 45th Sagra del Peperone (Pepper Festival) with San Satiro-Agri-Food and the overthrow of 600 kg of polenta at 5.30 pm on Sunday 2nd September.

Also until 2nd September, events also take place in Terruggia (Al Di’ D’la Festa e dl’Ua - that means The day of the celebration and of the grapes - with Writerruggia) and Morano sul Po (Al di' 'd the Festa an Piasa" – that means The Day of the celebration in the square). In Fontanetto Po until 3rd September will take place the Patronal Feast of San Bononio and in Valmacca, from 7 to 9, will be organized "U Di 'dla Festa" (The day of the celebration). Do not forget also "Al dì dla festa" in Ozzano Monferrato (on 1st, 2nd and then 7th) and the Sagra della Rana (Frog Festival) in Sartirana Lomellina (until 2nd).

In the meantime the "Settembre Sansalvatorese" (September in San Salvatore) has begun with many sporting, gastronomic, cultural and musical events (also thanks to the review "Parole e Musica in Monferrato") until 20th October: it starts on Sunday 2nd September with Regionando, the regional cuisines fair.

On 2nd September in Mirabello Monferrato will take place the 1st Tourist Rally "Alle Porte del Monferrato", organized by the local Motoclub. And for those who love the trails, on Saturday 1st September in Camino will start the "Walk with Taste - The Way of Camino" and on 2nd in Sala Monferrato walking with “Camminare il Monferrato”.

If you are passionate about art, on Sunday 2nd September do not miss the day dedicated to the painter Enrico Colombotto Rosso, with the opening of the Deposito Museale di Pontestura (Museum) and the Casa Museo (House-Museum) in Camino to the public. The Civic Museum of Moncalvo is also open (in Moncalvo will take place the Antiques Market on 2nd September) and various exhibitions can be visited at the Monferrato Castle in Casale Monferrato.

Other events of the first weekend are those of Odalengo Piccolo with the opening of the Astronomical Observatory (on 1st) and the concert of the Monferrato Classic Festival in Vignale Monferrato (on the 2nd).

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