IL MONFERRATO DI MONDO: UN MONDO DI ECCELLENZE Monferrato casalese area and the Po Plain area
Focus on
Rice & Roses

Brief Calendar of the “Riso & Rose” agenda 2015

From 9th to 24th May

Casale Monferrato "Riso e Rose, guardando Expo" (Rice and Roses, looking at Expo").

Starting 8th May, exhibit in San Domenico Square of "Il tempo di aprire un cassetto" ("time to open a draw") by Max Ramezzana (17.00) and "colori nel Chiostro" ("colours in the courtyard") by the Ravasenga Association (17.30) - (open Saturdaysthand Sundays from 10.00-12.30 & 15.00-19.00)

Starting 9 May (17.th30) , at the Castle with "diVino" ("deWine") the antique Egyptian lands and the Monferrato and from 11.00am of 10 May "I Luni di Chanukkà" (the Chanukah candles) collection by Chanukkiot (both events are open Fridays-Saturdays-Sundays from 10.00 - 19.00 until November 1st).

On May 10th in the courtyard of the Castle at 14.30 "Bimbimbici") urban bicycle rides around the town for adults and children).

On May 9 -10th "Casale Open City" with city monuments open to the public (Sunday guided tours starting from 15.30 arranged by IAT).

Sunday 10th May the Civic Museum will be open to the public, Gispoteca Bistolfi and Pinacoteca with six new paintings on show by artist Francesco Guala (also open to visits on 17th & 24th May - free entrance), as well as exhibits picturesque worksthin Via Duomo and Via Volpi "Le vie dell'arte" ("the streets of art") with the Ravasegna Association.

Sunday 17th & 24 may at the Castle, free tasting of loacalthrice and De.Co products with wines from the Torchio D'Oro and the exhibit "I Grignolino¼in Grignolino" (May 24 Slow Food held by the Casale Monferrato and Moncalvo. Mobile tel. +39 335 8392110

There will also be musirdcal events in the Castle grounds on Satruday 9th may at 21.30 with Blues concert by Alex Garoglio and othn May 23 at 21.30 another concert with the Anita Camarella & Davide Faccini duo.

On Sunday 10 that 16.30 in the Santa Croce Church courtyard there will be a classical music concert (free entrance) and on Saturday 16 may at 21.30 in Mazzini square music will be played by a DJ.

Initiatives also taking place in local the Monferrato Regional Winery (in the Castle), Play Planet with educative workshops held by Dal Barbalando (show cooking) and the Magnoberta Distillery in Casale (guided tours, tasting, exhibitions and the finish point of the "500" Rally of Lomellina Monferrato. Info IAT: +39 0142 444330, URP tel. +39 0142 444339

From 9th to 10th May

In Valmacca "The festival of the Asparagus". On the Sunday there will be a market, food and wine tasting, cycle- tourism and live music in the evening at 21.00 Info: Town Hall tel. +39 0142 410154 Assessor mobile tel. +39 338 6504476

Terruggia "Life in the Country XXII edition". Saturday afternoon and all day Sunday in the park of Villa Poggio floral garden centre exhibits with conventions, prizes and exhibitions. Info: Town Hall tel. +39 0142 401400

Moncalvo "The art of Rice & Roses". On the Sunday, meeting point at the Theatre, a journey to discover the blooming roses through paintings by Orsola and Guglielmo Caccia. Info: Town Hall tel. +39 0141 917505

Vignale Monferrato "The Monferrato Objectives". On the Sunday a photographic show to be held in the blooming courtyards of the Mongetto Drè Castè a panoramic Sarroc restaurant, with markets with flowers and craft stalls and visits to monuments and the Infernot (wine cellars) and theatrical entertainment. Historical Farming Museum at La Pomera. Info: Town Hall tel. +39 0142 933001 Pro Loco (local organization) mobile tel. +39 349 3890259

Sunday appointments also in the Antique Distillery in Altavilla, "Mazzetti d'Altavilla Distillatori since 1846" (on the crest of the hill) and at the Restaurant "Vineria Porrati di Cuccaro Monferrato" with tasting, guided tours and painting exhibits.

From 15th to 17th May

Fubine - Church of S. Maria Assunta. Friday 15th May at 21.00 a classical music concert of Mozart within the festive "Echos 2015 - Places and Music"

Coniolo "Coniolo flowers - XV edition". Saturday and Sunday flower and plant exhibits, floral decorations and garden utensils, prizes for the most beautiful gardens and roses, guided tours of the ethnographic Museum. Info: Town Hall tel. +39 0142 408423, Mr. Giusto mobile tel. +39 320 4916362,

Pontestura "Eventi culturali e gastronomici". Sunday festive stalls, children's entertainment and visits to the Museum that exhibits over 150 works by Colombotto Rosso. From Saturday exhibits with the Ravasenga Association. Info: Town Hall tel.+39 0142 466134

Camino "EXPlOsion of flavours - In Camino just as¼ Milan". Saturday afternoon spring markets with monferrine specialties and fireworks at 23.00. Saturday and Sunday guided visits of the Museum-House of Colombotto Rosso and of the Castle. (Saturday evening visits and historical revisitations) Info: Town Hall tel. +39 0142 469131 ext. 3

Sala Monferrato "Eating in Sala". Saturday guided tours of the Infernot (wine cellars) and variation of different menus around the village courtyards. Sunday needlework exhibits in the Town Hall. Both days hold gastronomic and wine tasting and visits to Danilo Spinoglio, wine producers . Info: Town hall tel. +39 0142.486721

Frassineto Po "Fast Slow, the turnaround of the century". Saturday and Sunday in the Mossi Palace didactic exhibits on the evolution of nutrition and food by the Agrario Luparia Institute (continuing on 23rd and 24th May). Info: Town Hall tel. +39 0142 482413

Giarole "Simius Festivity". Saturday afternoon and all day Sunday art exhibits by Alessandro Beluardo "Dove l'acqua s'inchina" and guided tours of the castle. Bike excursion, processions and prizes for the photographic competition by Carlo Allara. Info: Town Hall tel. +39 0142 68123,

Pecetto di Valenza - Fluvial Park of the River Po "The wild orchid festival". Saturday from the sports centre there will be excursions along the spontaneous wild orchid paths, market stalls and wall painting creations (in the old part of the village). Info: Town Hall tel.+39 0131- 940121 Park of the River Po - Visitors Centre tel. +39 0384 84676

Breme "All nature &¼ culture". Sunday bike excursions, sale of rice varieties and typical local produce with guided tours and afternoon snacks. Info: Mayor Mobile tel. +39 328 7816360,

Alessandria - Borgo Rovereto "XXI Festival of Borgo Rovereto". Saturday and Sunday events, cultural appointments and food and wine tasting. Info: Mariella Bertolotti, mobile tel. +39 333 6906991.

From 23rd to 24th May

Rosignano Monferrato "Ricami diVini: a Rosignano, the Monferrato needlework capital". Saturday afternoon and all day Sunday the great international exhibit of needlework with guest of honor. Guided visits of the Infernot (wine cellars), gastronomic and wine tasting and folkloristic group exhibitions. Info: Town Hall tel. +39 0142 489009

Cella Monte "Music and decorated ceilings". Sunday guided tours from Vallino square, classical music concerts in the Sant'Antonio Church and walks to discover the beautiful painted ceilings. Info: Town Hall tel. +39 0142 488161

Treville "Fables, fairy tales and other stories". Sunday at the Devasini House, book stalls and exhibit by Mario Surbone. In the Town Hall "Il Mondo della Fiaba" (the fairytale world) - fairy tale storytelling and children's entertainment with face painting and puppets. Jazz concert at the Terrazza della Rosa at Casa Devasini. Info: Town Hall tel. +39 0142 497006,

Ozzano Monferrato "Al barat d'ausan si veste di primavera". Sunday Antiques market , exhibit on the history of the local mining activities and blooming courtyards along with live music. Gastronomic tasting of local wines by Angelini Paolo. Info: Town Hall tel. +39 0142 487153

Fontanetto Po "Music, traditions and nature". Saturday evening concert at the Viotti Auditorium and on Sunday rally of vintage Vespa's and lunch with "panissa". Info: Town Hall tel. +39 0161 840114

Villamiroglio "Living the tradition". In Vallegioliti Saturday nature excursions and Sunday photography competition "obiettivo Monferrato" with open air lunch. Info: Association. "C'era una volta" mobile tel. +39 345 3350871

Murisengo "Rice & Roses in Music". Sunday roses and Antiques market, "Street Food" exhibit, gastronomic tasting menu, clothes parade and live 80's music. Info: Town Hall tel. +39 0141 993041,

Mirabello Monferrato "Sunday in the Village". Sunday markets of hand crafted artifacts and gastronomic specialties and Jazz concert. Info: Town Hall tel. 0142 63121

Quargnento "XXXII Palio dell'Oca bianca e VI estemporanea di pittura". Sunday historical commemoration and children's animation with cake baking and chocolatier workshops. Info: Town Hall tel. +39 0131 219133

San Salvatore "Primafesta Riso & Rose". Saturday afternoon and all day Sunday markets, exhibits, guided tours and shows. Blossoming and floral Sunday at the church of San Martino and inauguration of the panoramic children's horse riding walks. Info: Town Hall tel. +39 0131 233122 int.5

Mede "The Walk of the Rose". Sunday country walks and hobby craft market. Info: Town hall tel. +39 0384 822201

Sartirana Lomellina "Discover the Lomellina with us". On Saturday afternoon reading festival at Villa Buzzoni Nigra. On Sunday photographic exhibit, conference on nutrition and rice meal.. Info: Town Hall tel. +39 0384 800810- 800629

Other appointments on Saturday and Sunday at the Castle of Piea d'Asti (collection of Russian Icons from the XVI-XIX century and exhibits of specialties form the Monferrato) and La Pila (exhibit by Max Ramezzana "Il tempo di aprire un cassette" and by Ken Scott "Food Mood"). On Sunday guided tours and wine tasting in the three Infernot (wine cellars) at Palazzo Tornielli (Mombello Monferrato).

Collateral Events

Ponzano Monferrato "Ponzano in¼ the gardens, two wheels and gastronomy". Saturday 30th cycle-tourism and Sunday guided tours. 2nd June concerts, 6th & 7th June Harley Davidson Rally. Info: Town Hall tel. +39 0141 927135

Fluvial Parks of the Rivers Po and Orba. Nature trails and excursions on reservation every Sunday in the month of May. On 23nd & 24th May nature drawings in Frascarolo (PV). On 5th-6th-7th June "VENTO" Bike Tours, cycle- Tourism along the river Po. Info: Park of the River Po - Visitor Centre tel +39 0384 84676 Mobile tel. +39 335 8001549,


Casale - TheMonferrato Castle, 2° floor

From 23rd May - 7th June 100 year old exhibits of World War I. From 13th June - 30th August exhibits to celebrate the 200th anniversary of don Bosco. Info: IAT tel. +39 0142 444330, URP +39 0142 444339

Sunday 31st May memories of mining days with the cultural Association of cement (, and guided tours of the Castle of Gabiano Monferrato (Tel. +39 0142 945004, mobile tel. +39 331 6869684

Casale Monferrato "Casale Monfleurs". On 3rd - 4th October in the Market Pavia floral exhibits. Info: IAT tel. +39 0142 444330, mobile tel. 338 5965066