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A brief history of the town

Casale has been the capital of the Monferrato area since the XV century thanks to the Paleologi Marquisate. The town has grown since the XVI century thanks to the family of Gonzaga (dukes of Mantua), until the annexation to the duchy of Savoy in 1713; in the XIX century the town was invaded by Napoleonic armies and then it played a role in the Italian Risorgimento with important citizens.


Why to visit Casale Monferrato

The town of Casale is one of the most interesting cultural cities in Piedmont, not far from Turin, Milan and Genoa (about one hour’s drive).Casale and the Monferrato area are unexpected destinations that will fascinate you.

Not to be missed:

- the baroque Jewish Synagogue, a true jewel dated 1595; it is considered to be one of the most beautiful in Europe and has a Jewish museum annexed to it that holds a collection of religious craftworks and an extraordinary Chanukah display; the Synagogue and the museum are opened on Sundays except during Jewish feast days;

- the Cathedral dedicated to St. Evasio with its splendid and rare narthex (dated 1107) and the Romanic crucifix;

- the Cathedral’s Treasury, a museum where there is an extremely remarkable collection of 18th-20th century pectoral crosses and episcopal rings;

- the Civic Museum, rich in works of art related to the local history and Piedmontese and Lombard art;

- the Bistolfi plaster casts gallery, with more than 170 sculptures made from plaster, marble and bronze  and the archaeological section;

- the church of St. Domenico, containing valuable works by the local painter Guala; begun in 1474 in gothic style  it was completed in the early 16th century with the apposition on the façade of a renaissance portal;

- St.Domenico’s cloister, where three sides of the major cloister marked by strong columns in cotto are left;

- the castle of Casale, built by the Marquis of Monferrato Giovanni II Paleologo in the early second half of 1300; nowadays the main halls of the castle hold temporary exhibitions;

- churches and historical residences in the town centre.


Food & wine breaks

We suggest that you take time to taste typical food and wine products during your visit at the town of Casale Monferrato.

There are different restaurants and bistros in the town centre where you can taste Agnolotti (a kind of stuffed pasta), local sauces, meat dishes, typical desserts, wines and spirits.

The Monferrato area is one of the main wine producing area in Piedmont; Barbera and Grignolino are the most important varieties of vine and you can taste these and other kinds of wine both in the Regional Winehouse inside the castle or in the grocer’s shops in the town centre.

The original biscuits Krumiri Rossi can’t be missed; they are well-known in Italy and abroad and are handmade in only one bakery in the town centre; when the bakery is opened, just follow the unique smell to find it; when the bakery is closed it is possible to buy the original Krumiri Rossi both at the Tourist Information Office in Piazza Castello (in front of the theatre) and in some cafés and grocer’s shops.


Outdoor activities in the town

The river Po flows through the town of Casale Monferrato. Along the river it is possible to do trekking or bike riding.



Casale Città Aperta – Special opening in the second weekend of each month (reduced openings in August).

During the second weekend of each months (except August) it is possible to visit venues that are usually closed.

For more information please read the article "Casale Città Aperta"


Visit 8 museums in Casale and the Monferrato area with one admission card. For more info please ask about the MOMU (Monferrato Museums) Card


If you are interested in tourist information about churches, monuments, museums, historical palaces in the town of Casale Monferrato an English guide written by the voluntary association “OrizzonteCasale” is available at the Tourist Information Office in Piazza Castello (in front of the Municipal Theatre).


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Ph. G. Pasino, a view of the town from the Castle

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