IL MONFERRATO DI MONDO: UN MONDO DI ECCELLENZE Monferrato casalese area and the Po Plain area
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Monferrato: Itineraries through the events

The Antique Market in Casale Monferrato (every second weekend of the month, except August) is one of the most important of Piedmont for collectors and enthusiasts. Churches and monuments in Casale Monferrato and in the surrounding area  are open every second weekend of the month,too (Casale Città Aperta and Monferrato aperto)

San Giuseppe’s Fair  in Casale Monferrato (mid-March) is an exhibition of agriculture, typical wine and food and handicrafts.

Rice & Roses in Monferrato is   a great event  (three weekends of May), involving, in the name of  rice and rose, more than 30 towns and villages with events related to food and wine, flowers and plants, art, hobbies .

n autumn, "Casale Monfleurs" (late September - early October) is an  exhibition and market of flowers , plants horticultural and typical products .




Dance in Moncalvo (late June-July): festival-competition of dance.

Dance Festival  in Vignale Monferrato (July): International Festival of Dance and integrated Arts

Bacco & Bach (July): International festival of classical music and wine in Monferrato.

Monferrato Wine Festival in  Casale Monferrato (3rd and 4th weekend of September): festival of food and wine in  Monferrato, entertainments.

Grape Harvest in  Art in Rosignano Monferrato (early October): regional fair with local wine tasting, stalls with handicrafts, art and cultural events.

The Truffle Fairs offer the chance to taste this delicious local product (between October and November): the Truffle National Fair in Moncalvo (3rd and 4th weekend of October) , the  White Truffle Festival in Valle Ghenza in Cella Monte (1 first weekend of November) and  the Truffle  National Fair "Trifola d'Or"  in Murisengo (2nd and 3rd Sunday of November).

Nadal an Munfrà (Christmas in Monferrato) in December: it includes several events related to Christmas , shows, concerts, markets, food and wine events and  cribs which revive the  rich Christmas traditions throughout  Monferrato.

As part of  “ Nadal Munfrà” there is in particular: Christmas in Casale (in December) with concerts in churches, performances in  the streets, crib exhibitions and other initiatives.

The Regional  Fat Ox Fair and  the  Festival of Boiled Meat  in Moncalvo (first ten days of December): very ancient food and wine fair.


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