IL MONFERRATO DI MONDO: UN MONDO DI ECCELLENZE Monferrato casalese area and the Po Plain area
Focus on
Rice & Roses

The events in Monferrato during the weekend (19th and 20th May)


It’s impossible not to find appreciated events in the rich palimpsest of Riso & Rose in Monferrato during the weekend of 19th and 20th May. Where? In Casale Monferrato where the Castle hosts exhibitions and the city will live the sport en plein-air with the Stracasale and the Cicloturistica. All this without forgetting the biological market, the initiatives related to the Paraboloide and the Monferrato industrial architecture, the concerts and the meeting of the participants at Di Grignolino in Grignolino who can visit 22 local wineries to taste the typical red wine and more. In the proximity of Casale Monferrato will be held the large flower market of Coniolo Fiori with workshops, walks and competitions, the paper market and visits in Morano sul Po and at the Grangia (ancient plain estate) of Pobietto and navigation on the Po starting from the Port of Camino. Art, panissa and walk are the ingredients of the initiatives in Pontestura. And more distant from the great river? You can choose for example between the Feast of Moncalvo (with Street Food km 0 and special events) or the strawberry tasting in Gabiano… to satisfy all the senses.



Lover of gastronomy? The weekend awaits you in Villamiroglio to taste the Fritto Misto Piemontese or Valmacca to celebrate rice and asparagus. If you are looking for traditions Rosignano Monferrato offers its "Ricami DiVini" (Embroidery Meeting), seasoned by tours to art places, the infernots and the big bench while in Giarole the Castello Sannazzaro welcomes visitors with circus arts, exhibitions and visits. Mirabello will become the meeting place for artists like madonnari and graffiti makers. In San Salvatore Monferrato there will be the flag-wavers, re-enactments and the panoramic train while in Mede, in Lomellina, you can visit the hobby markets and km 0 market, puppet theater. Feast also in the Borgo Rovereto of Alessandria that comes alive with cultural and enogastronomical events in continuous cycle and meetings. In addition, Monferrato offers a night visit to the Sacro Monte di Crea, a Sunday in the vegetable garden in Treville and the panoramic walk throughout Mombello!