IL MONFERRATO DI MONDO: UN MONDO DI ECCELLENZE Monferrato casalese area and the Po Plain area
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The Natural Parks

MONFERRATO NOTES / THE NATURAL PARKS   In The Sacred Mounts of Piemonte and of Lombardia (registered on the list of Unesco world Patrimony): the Sacred Mount of Crea is situated on one of the highest hills of the Monferrato area (455m. a.s.l.) in the province of Alessandria. It is a particularly fascinating example of the…

Paths Through The Monferrato Countryside

MONFERRATO NOTES/     PATHS THROUGH THE MONFERRATO COUNTRYSIDE   The Monferrato territory can be compared to a “sea of hills”, a maze of valleys and moderately high hills, called “bric e foss” (peaks and dales) by the DOC Monferrinos (the people of the Monferrato territory whose “denomination…

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Events in Casale Monferrato area

MONFERRATO NOTES/ Events in Casale Monferrato area   MERCATINO DELL’ ANTIQUARIATO/ANTIQUES MARKET (takes place in Casale Monferrato every second weekend of the month, excepting August): one of Piedmont’s most important monthly events which proposes a specific theme each time and is aimed at collectors and lover of…

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MONFERRATO NOTES/   WHERE IS IT?   To reach the Monferrato territory is simple and easy. About one hour’s drive from either Turin, Milan or Genoa, it is concentrated particularly in the province of Alessandria, with a few branches reaching out towards Asti and Vercelli; the A4 motorway passes through the area (for…

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Casale, Valenza And The World Around: A General Look

MONFERRATO NOTES/   CASALE, VALENZA AND THE WORLD AROUND: A GENERAL LOOK   A little history            Monferrato is a territory which emerged from the sea, from the Tethyde Ocean, twenty million years ago. There is no lack of evidence of a more recent past such as…

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Monferrato, The Renaissance Of Quality Wines

MONFERRATO NOTES /A GREAT OENO - GASTRONOMY     MONFERRATO, THE RENAISSANCE OF QUALITY WINES   Throughout the centuries, the Monferrato territory has always been a land with a great wine-producing vocation. The social-economic events of history in the second half of the nineteen hundreds brought about a progressive…

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